Yawet Yawet is a web test tool, which allows you to conveniently create, run and debug test cases for web and SOAP applications. Install Java 1.4 or higher and download yawet.jar. Start it by double click or with the command:
javaw -jar yawet.jar
  • Graphical creation of web application tests
  • Verification of HTML documents
  • Verification of PDF documents
  • Verification of XML documents and SOAP
  • Parametrisation
  • Reusable libraries
  • Huge tests (100'000 steps) possible
  • testing of multiple browser windows and frames
  • use of external browsers
  • Console mode
  • Project files in XML format
  • Integrated HTML tree parsing
  • Log and report generation
  • Extendable with Java
  • Freeware
  • Easy to use :-)
Resources yawet.jar   Version 0.5
Screenshots Yawet Screen Shot Windows XP
Yawet on Windows XP

Yawet Screen Shot Mac OS X
Yawet on Mac OS X

Yawet Screen Shot
Html report viewed with Firefox