Jacqueline Go


Jacqueline Go for Mac (intel): Jacqueline.dmg

Homepage: InforMatrix GmbH
Homepage: GNU Go
GNU Go Sources: gnugo-3.8.tar.gz


Jacqueline Go is an implementation of the old asian strategy game of Go. Try to surround empty fields and the stones of the enemy by putting your stones on the board. If a group of enemy stones is completely surrounded, it is removed from the board. The player with more stones and more territory wins.

For experienced players, Jacqueline Go offers the following features:

Jacqueline Go Screen Shot

How to use it

You need an Intel Mac to run Jacqueline Go. Download Jacqueline.dmg. Open it and drag Jacqueline.app in your application folder. Start the application as usual.
This is a preconfigured packages which also contains GNU Go. GNU Go is a Go engine, developed by the Free Software Foundation and is licensed under the GNU GPL. Since Jacqueline Go can only play 9*9 Go, you must select Gnu Go as a player, if you want to play 19*19 Go.


Licence Agreement

Copyright (c)2003-2008 by InforMatrix GmbH.
This software is freeware. All rights reserved.


This software is developed and maintained by InforMatrix GmbH. All questions, bugs, requests and comments are welcomed at info@informatrix.ch